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Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness. Our Licensed Christian Counselors understand the unique needs of those who are seeking counseling services for a variety of reasons. Although we are a faith-based nonprofit clinic, we do not turn clients away based on race, religion, gender or beliefs. Quality mental health services to help guide you to recovery are only a phone call away. We provide superb counseling to families and individuals in need. Syringa provides quality specialists who provide cutting edge services. Anyone who has a desire to create change, to improve their life or seek to grow individually is welcome. Children, Teens, Adults, and Seniors are accepted. Those struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, personality disorders, or other challenges will find unique answers at Syringa. Couples wanting help with marital communication issues can find answers in counseling and can be aided with calming natural solutions clinically proven and scientifically-researched to reduce fighting in marriages and provide calm, focus, clarity and peace in homes.

Counseling Payment options

We accept a variety of reimbursement options, including medicaid, various private insurances, HSA funds and a sliding fee scale for those who prefer private pay. Medicare and more insurance carries and services being added. Our responsibility is to help those in need and we commit to doing so to the best of our abilities.

Cutting Edge Holistic HealthCare options.

Syringa Wellness believes that a balanced life of self-care, hard honest work, family and community, sleep, rest, nutrition and environment all play a part in healing. We commit to partnering with kind, caring, compassionate, respectful people who simply care and want to help.

how we do it 

Syringa Wellness offers a variety of valuable services: Counseling, Holistic Healthcare, Amen Method Alternative Psych-Testing, Naturopathic Care, Scientifically-Proven Natural Alternatives to Med Management, EMDR/trauma Informed Counseling, Personal/Family Counseling, Couples Therapy, Behavioral Modification, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Rational Emotive Therapy, Brain Balancing, Cereset Brain Mirroring, Mid-line Therapy, & Clinician-Grade Supplements. Massage Therapy and other wellness services and brain therapies coming soon!

Do you or a loved one have symptoms or diagnoses of any of these or others?

AD/HD | Anxiety | Aspergers | Autism | Bipolar | Brain Injury | Concussion | Depression |Dissociation | Eating Disorders | Memory | Mood | Marital Strife | ODD | OCD | Personality Disorders | PTSD |

Our licensed Counseling, Naturopathic and/or Holistic Healthcare Solutions may be the complete care you for which you have been searching.


Naturopathic Healthcare

Aspen Morrow, D.PSC, NCP, CBHC runs the Holistic Healthcare services at Syringa Wellness (Locally) and Aspen Brain Health (Globally). Aspen provides Traditional Naturopathic care as an alternative to medication management, while offering great referral sources for those requesting med management. Holistically-focused care includes the Amen Method, Med Free Method, Epigenetics, Orthomolecular Medicine, Homeopathy, Micronutrient Therapy, Midline Therapy, Brain Balancing, Functional Nutrition, and other scientifically-backed drugless and natural methods.

While naturopathic remedies and med free solutions for the brain are Aspen’s primary specialties, she can also help address physical issues such as: Hormone concerns, Weight-loss, Gut Health, Heart Health, Adrenal, Autoimmune, Fatigue, and more. It is recommended to also consult with a primary care physician or Functional Medicine Doctor while seeing a Naturopath.


Flower Essences | Essential Oils | Homeopathy | Herbal Remedies | Clinical-Grade Neutraceuticals | Midline Therapy | ANT Therapy | Amen Clinics’ Method |

Naturopathic Care Reimburesement

Private Pay, HSA funds, and tax-deductible donations are available for naturopathic care but Naturopathic care is not covered by insurance. Traditional Naturopaths do not diagnose or treat conditions, but affect structure and function of organs through root-cause discovery and the application of natural substances like food, salt, water, herbs, mineral, and organic compounds.


The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.
— Albert Schweitzer