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About Us

Syringa’s doors are open to those who desire to create change in their lives. As a team, you can see one of us, or most of us for your holistic healthcare & counseling needs.

Counseling: We offer a variety of counseling and pastoral care levels: EMDR, State Licensed Counseling, Chaplaincy, and Pastoral Lay Counseling.

Naturopathic Care Provider Solutions are provided through Aspen Brain Health and are Not Medical Advice: Naturopathic Care is different than State-Licensed Doctor (MD) care, and you should always maintain a relationship with a varied team of professionals. Many things are outside Naturopathic scope of practice, just like our services and expertise are outside of an MD’s usual scope of knowledge. Should you have any severe health related questions, please call or see your physician or other healthcare provider promptly. If you have an emergency, call your physician or your local emergency services immediately.


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We at Syringa know that finding the right clinic to help you is a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we work with only the most qualified practitioners to walk you through your needs and the scope of your goals. You can work with any or all of our counselors, naturopath and holistic therapies.

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Syringa Wellness (Suite 200/201)


Aspen L. Morrow, D.PSc, NCP, CPSS, CBHC (Aspen Brain Health: Suite 202)

Aspen acts as Syringa’s Overseer, Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS) and Naturopath (Private Practice: Aspen Brain Health). She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. After a personal brush with mental illness symptoms and a subsequent diagnosis, she was able to recover naturally and chose a drug-free route to recovery when meds were not well-tolerated. She respects each individual’s choice in managing their symptoms, but feels too many people choose self-medicating to help relieve symptomology. She is passionate about helping her peers, and, after writing the best-selling book, Med Free Bipolar in 2014, she founded a nonprofit that has helped thousands around the globe. In 2017, she joined Syringa Behavioral Health to do peer support and in 2019 became overseer of Syringa Wellness. They moved to their new beautiful building in Caldwell, Idaho in July, 2019. Aspen is trained as a Traditional Naturopath (NCP), Neuropath, Certified Brain Health Coach (CBHC, Amen Clinic’s Method), Diplomat of Pastoral Science and Medicine (D.PSc), Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), Ordained Minister (Global Christian Outreach Ministries), and Pastoral Lay Counselor (VSSM). She is a mom of four (one in heaven) and she and her husband, Chris, have been married eighteen years. When she is not helping run Syringa and seeing clients, she can be found writing, singing worship music off-key, speaking, canoeing, reading, and dreaming about traveling.

Aspen Morrow, D.Psc, NCp, CPSS, CBHC, Naturopath, Holistic Healthcare Overseer


Heather A Mascroft, LCSW

Heather obtained her Master’s of Social Work degree from Boston University School of Social Work and completed her undergraduate training in psychology with an emphasis on early childhood intervention. She has training in a variety of mental health and social work areas, including suicide prevention, family systems and general social work theory. She enjoys counseling with individuals and families, working from a Solution-Focused, Strength Based approach. She also draws heavily from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques as well as Systems Theory Techniques. Her philosophy is to tailor the intervention and approach to each client’s needs, and therefore studies numerous clinical evidence-based interventions to ensure she can meet each client’s unique needs. She is married with four children, and on her days off, loves spending time at the lake.

Heather Allum Mascroft, LCSW, Clinical Director, Therapist, Trustee



Sara Winkelman, LMSW

Sara Winkelman is a licensed master social worker who is also EMDR trained. She is completing her clinical hours and is a graduate of NNU. Sara has a history of pastoral care ministry. Sara has trauma enhanced training and utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and systems theory in her practice. She is married with grown children, is passionate about her family and friends, travel, and learning incessantly.


Sara Winkelman LMSW, Therapist, EMDR Specialist

Mirella Garcia, LMSW

Mirella is a licensed master social worker who is also EMDR trained. She is completing her clinical hours and is bilingual and bicultural. She has an amazing way of helping her clients feel at ease, supported and heard.

Mirella Garcia, LMSW, Clinical therapist

Our Extended Team and Independent Wellness Professionals:

Jenn Kelley, Certified GoldZone™ Therapist (Harmonized Wellness: Suite 100)

Goldzone Emotional Rejuvenation (Her independent website) is an all-natural BodyWork technique utilizing the body’s extraordinary zones and signal systems in the back and feet to completely rejuvenate the emotional and physical bodies.  This amazing technique helps you Harmonize negative emotional impressions that create physical disturbances and include body work on the feet, back, head, abdomen, upper chest, legs and arms. Experience the power of Emotional Harmony by a Christian therapist! Let Jenn help you experience the power of whole body healing!

Jamie Rowley, Billing and Insurance Verification (TPSP: UT)

Have Questions about your Bill or Insurance Coverage? Contact Jamie Rowley with Kairos Billing Solutions and her team. They are our billing and insurance credentialing specialists. We highly recommend their expertise to anyone needing insurance or medical billing and insurance credentialing. Most of our services qualify for HSA (Healthcare Savings Account) Funds, but only our state-licensed counselors can accept insurance due to regulations around Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Breck Hansen, Payroll and Employee Relations (TPSP: ID)

Payroll and Employee Specialist with QTS Payroll. Not every business works with FBO nonprofits, and Breck knows how to address our unique needs, while honoring Romans 13:1 "Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God and those which exist are established by God." Need Payroll or HR Solutions for your company? Call Breck at 208-921-1182

Our Favorite Referral Partners across the Treasure Valley

Cereset, Nampa (Steve Ammonn, Nampa) — Mention that Aspen or Syringa sent you, we may get a referral fee that helps us raise funds for our nonprofit! Cereset is a wellness experience that helps you relax your brain to manage stress, restore hope and finally achieve restful sleep through patented BrainEcho™ technology that empowers the brain to reset itself as it hears and “sees” its own reflection. Cereset enables your brain to fully relax and reset itself to its natural balance from the inside out. There is no outside intervention, stimulus or medication of any kind – the brain does its own work while you may nap or relax quietly in a comfortable chair. We personally like Cereset better than any other brain balancing or neuro-feedback program for the same price or less. Doing this alongside our brain-based therapies can get results faster and help them last longer.

Vance Medical (Meridian) MD, ND, Psych — Dr Vance is a Med Management doctor who supports naturopathic options, provides Ketamine therapy (use at own risk), and other alternative medicine options.

(More coming soon…)

Syringa Wellness is a nonprofit FBO under: 26 U.S. Code § 508 (c) Exceptions (1) Mandatory exceptions (A) churchestheir integrated auxiliaries, and conventions or associations of churches; offerings may be tax deductible and can be made to: Syringa Wellness EIN: 84-2074189 |1609 S. Kimball Ave. Suite 201 Caldwell, ID 83605 Nonprofit #3587450(ID)